The Beginning Of A Slay Queen By Nizzy Moses

It all starts like this; she was once a decent girl. She posted decent pictures, write up and caption. Result: 3likes, 0comment, she get frustrated because she is bored and needs attention…...

She decided to post a sexy picture one morning, Result: 50likes, 20comments, wow……, she goes wild. She posts her pictures from the swimming pool wearing sexy pant and bra, Result: 530likes, 391 comments.

And The Journey Of A Slay Queen Begins

She post a video on face book of her, twerking in her room, Result: 5000 views, 562 comments. Anything she posted now is an instant hit, she hustles to get a good location to snap and showcase online because it’s now a full time business. Her inbox is now busy with men begging her for number, young and old men alike. They start promising her money for her first visit, she refuse at first and insulted people who doesn’t comments well on her post. Men starts fighting on her wall, she reads and laughs at their foolishness, she feels like a celebrity even when she is offline.

She starts attending night parties and clubs, gradually she start collecting money and visiting men, from peace, her real name, to “It’s Dat Cutest Bea”, she is now a child of the world.

Remember, it all started with our likes and comments, she could have been a decent girl if we had ignored her indecent posts and pictures. She would have been discouraged but we gave her fire, the fire she needed to start.

The matured ones, who would have cautioned her like a father, did not, instead, they compliment and encourage her, and they were even her first client. Advice that little girl on social media today, note: your comments and likes on social media can destroys or makes destinies. Please use them wisely. is the most visited on-line platform which gives the best of music,videos, entertainment gist and sport news on a daily basis to people with over 100,000 page views daily.


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