Presidential Aspirant “Garba” - Mosque And Church Will Be Remove From Aso Rock

I will remove Mosque & Church from Aso Rock.
I don’t want to be seen as Muslim or Christian, Northern or Southern, Eastern or Western, Up or Down President but only as a Nigerian president. .
Adamu Garba II, founder/CEO, IPI Solutions Nigeria Limited, a leading cloud computing company based in Lagos, wants to rule Nigeria in 2019. Aged 35, Garba, who hails from Jimeta, Yola-North Local Government Area of Adamawa State, attended Kano University of Technology where he studied Electrical Engineering.

In an interview with Sahara TV,  Adamu  Garba listed his strong points to include that he is “strong-willed, able, healthy intelligent and smart”, with “strong emotional balance and all the attributes obtainable in a visionary leader”, and “fully prepared”. “I think Nigerians should start to prepare for a new Nigerian dream by our great Nigerian renaissance project where each citizen will transparently measure our government in 4 key metrics namely: Better education and training for our children; better standard healthcare facilities for all Nigerians; better market to transact in goods and services, and more money in their pocket as a result of improved trade,” Garba said in the interview. “We will work extensively to open our market potentials. 

We will use oil money only to build infrastructure and not to pay salaries and state subventions. The so-called FAAC will be discontinued under our government. With creation of special geo-economic zones in each state, we will support them to create their revenues locally and run their government. “The shorelines, from Calabar, Akwa Ibom, Bayelsa, Rivers, Delta to Lagos will be a strong economic activity area and energy production zones or Shoreline Energy Production Zones (SEPZ) .

We will build heavy gas pipeline across the country and explore our natural gas to power our homes for energy needs. In addition to the hydro power for electricity, we will use coal to build a large thermal station in Enugu capable of generating 20000MW of electricity within the first 5 years of our government. “
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