Wizkid as everyone knows is an Ojuelegba boy as he said in his Ojuelegba song. ‘Rising from grass to grace’ this quote being used by virtually everyone in the world speaks mostly of Ayodeji Ibrahim Balogun (Wizkid), I mean he is a typical example of that quoted word.
Wizkid formerly known as Lil Prinz started his musical career at age 11; releasing a collaborative album with Glorious Five entitled Lil Prinz (2001). Lil prinz (Wizkid), pushed his career so hard with a non-stop vitality before he got noticed by the E.M.E boss Banky W and signed a record deal with Banky W, imprint Empire Mates Entertainment. Now seeing the year difference alone makes me think ‘Can wizkid stop hustling no matter how rich or famous he is’? cause a young fragile boy at 11 (2001) years releases an album but only got noticed 8 years after at the age of 19 (2009). One quick question, can you hustle for 8years without receiving a kobo, yeah you might say he goes to shows but can that little money pay back his effort the way he wants it. Starving to go to studio shows. It isn’t easy as you think.

Ayodeji rose to fame in the year 2010 with his hit song Holla At Your Boy (the first song I could sing from beginning to the end without stammering)….. Okay let me continue; Holla At Your Boy was off Wizkids first album Superstar, Tease Me, Bad Guys, Don’t Dull, Gidi Girl, Love My Baby, Pakurumo and Oluwa Lo Ni” were also released as singles from the Superstar album.

Wizkid didn’t rest because he already dropped an album at a young age he kept on pushing till he got called up to a song by one of the biggest heavy weights in the music industry M.I Abaga; the chocolate city chairman featured Wizkid on M.I’s fast money fast cars song. When Wizkid was asked how he got into the collaboration he said

I went to drop off stuff at M.I’s place on a Sunday morning and he just played the beat and said “Wiz can u do something to this?” And I just started humming “if u don’t talk money omo don’t show up” and he said add a little bit off Yoruba in there and “tobalowo” just came in, like 10 minutes I was done recording and that was it. After this song was released.  M I Talk about his album, let’s just say, a lot of good things happened.

I imagine if he didn’t go to M. I’s crib that day, would he still get the role?  Still thinking.

Then there was a big bombshell which hit the music and entertainment industry so hard, like it was just unbelievable, the Young Wizzy left Empire Mates Entertainment in the year 2013, wow isn’t that too fast, Wizkid rose to fame in the year 2010, has he earned more money to run his own label or something prompted his exit. The reason for the exit has been a mystery to everyone entirely as people still need answers to why loyal Wizkid would betray his mentor, the real reason would be portrayed today sees below

An Insider opened up to Entertainment Rendezvous that Wizzy (his nickname) is at war with Banky W and EME because he wants a contract review which Banky W has refused to grant him. The source pointed out that since Ayodeji Balogun known as Wizkid signed with EME, he has been getting just 25% from whatever he gets paid to perform at an event with Banky W. Empire Mate Entertainment EME is owned by Banky W and Segun Demuren,  Osagie Wizzy’s ex-manager who introduced him to Banky after big record labels like Mo-Hits and Storm records rejected him,  also gets 25% each from his hard earned money.

It wasn’t easy for Wizkid, so he asked for a contract review but was refused, hmmm ‘A Blessing In Disguise‘ yes I would call it a blessing in disguise why, if Wizkid had gotten the contract review would he become a boss of today, would he be The Baba nla everyone knows talk less of being Daddy Yo.

In 2015 Drake dropped verses on Wizkid’s Ojuelegba and released it saying he wanted to be on the remix, Drake later hooked up with Wizkid and the remix was dropped with Skepta also on it.

In this same here Fader, a US magazine famous for choosing the biggest songs in the world annually, has ranked Wizkid (Ojuelegba) smash hit as the 12th biggest song in the world this year. Pictured below is what was written about Ojuelegba.

Let’s get what we all already know out of the way: Drake hopped on this song from Nigerian artist Wizkid for a remix, generously making the song more famous (at least in America) than it might’ve been on its own in 2015. But let me state this clearly and definitively: the song never needed him. No matter the celebrity, you can’t improve on perfection, even if the Skepta verse that accompanied Drake’s on the remix was pretty great. No, “Ojuelegba” is best on its own, a graceful slice of rhythm that does not need cultural translation. Like Popcaan’s “Everything Nice,” the iconic global jam from last summer, it has a message of grace, thankfulness, and happy perseverance that resonates in every home. And that beat? It’s got a shoulder-shrugging momentum so joyful, how could it not have wound its way all over the world? —Alex Frank, Wizkid was also the only Nigerian on the 107 best songs list

Ojuelegba a yoruba local song became a hit song everyone wanted to hear or listen to.
Drake was asked why he jumped on Ojuelegba he said

 “I just did it because I was in the moment,” he says. “I wasn’t thinking like, ‘Oh man, I gotta get my brand up in Nigeria.’” (He hastens to add, with classic Drake politeness, “Not to say that’s not important. I’m super-honored to be on that song.”)

Ever since then Wizkid has been topping charts, breaking records collecting awards, Wizkid collected a total amount of 10 awards in the year 2016 and was also nominated for Grammy Awards 2016 for being a part of Drake’s One Dance.
We hope Ayo Balogun brings more to the music industry as he said in an interview

Wizkid is headed for the top… nothing is stopping me! I’m here to change the industry for good. Wizkid is going to be a brand name in a few months. Everybody will want to associate with the brand WIZKID! My singles will drop real soon… So my work will definitely speak for me!

 As they say, you can’t reach the top without being criticized, without facing challenges; Wizkid Ayo has faced so many challenges, right from the exit of E.M.E to Davido’s Beef to a baby mama drama then to Skales beef. Wizkid has conquered all to reach the top.
Late last year Wizkid dropped a new official single, since the release of Final (Baba Nla) titled Daddy Yo, barely and a new release , Drake ft wizkid “come closer

Can Wizkid ever stop grinding, hustling even when he has got the fame he wanted, he is still thirsty for more. Now with all this do you think anything can stop Wizkid from breaking bounds even after breaking the Naija/Ghana record by signing 3 of their big heavy weight artistes in respect of Mr Eazi, R2Bees and Efya. Wizkid won’t stop breaking bounds.
More heights for Drake ft wizkid “come closer

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